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JCreek ’08 – the first installment

Well it’s only the fifth day I’ve been here and I feel as though it’s been closer to 3 weeks. The entire week coming up is a continuation of training, and the first set of campers come a week from today, a mere few hours after we finish training!

All the fears I had about camp: not being excited, not making friends among the staff, not coming up with ideas about the videos, not sleeping well, etc. have all been eased and deemed unnecessary by the Lord. I could not praise Him enough for that. EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this staff has already become my friend. From the beginning we have been transparent about our walks with the Lord, about our fears and the struggles we go through. From the beginning we laughed about our clumsiness, encouraged each other up the rock wall, served each other in the dining hall, and rapped with each other in the room. I feel absolutely privileged and unworthy of serving alongside these amazing people.

It probably also helps that I have been able to come up with and execute (so far) all the ideas for my videos. For those that are wondering, I am in charge of around 12 videos and promos before camp begins, ranging from 1-3 minutes each. It started off rocky with the computer I was supposed to edit on crashing, but a new one (a MAC!) arrives in the morning.

I think the thing that has been the most amazing is the way I feel toward the rest of the summer. I am excited. A week ago, I was upset and sad because my friends had just left Somerset and I had this seemingly neverending summer of the unknown ahead of me. God has brought me to Jonathan Creek for a type of fresh start, and for the first time in my life, I have embraced it. My heart is changing toward a lot of things, and I look forward to see how it progresses.

For those of you that want it, my address:
Jonathan Creek Camp
Attn: Ashlyn Bruce
3043 Beal Road
Hardin, KY 42048

Love you all. Feel free to drop a note or a text message anytime before 11pm Central Time. 🙂

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