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What Matters More?

October 20, 2009 1 comment

I follow Derek Webb, the former lead of Caedmon’s Call, on Twitter, and when he offered a free download of his “uncensored” single, I readily took it. The first time I listened to it, I didn’t catch many of the lyrics except for the “hell”, “shit” and “damn.” But I sure as heck loved the techno, synthesized beat. So I took a second listen and began learning the words.

Here’s the video:

Since then, I’ve come across a lot of people on blogs, especially Christian music ones, that have berated Webb for this song being “pro-homosexuality” and of course for his use of profanity. Personally, profanity for shock value is sometimes the best way to get a message across. But what struck me the most was how much of this actually matters? It makes me angry that people who don’t know Jesus may stumble across these blogs/opinions and chalk it up once again to those “close-minded fundamentalist Christians.” This large scale berating of other followers of Christ just irks me.

Because what did Jesus preach? LOVE.

And when it comes down to it? What is Webb’s single trying to emphasize? That we LOVE the hurting around us. Yes, homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle. But so is lying and manipulation. So is selfishness and self-centeredness. We ALL fall short of the glory of God. Those of us who have Christ dwelling inside us have the answer to this shortcoming. Why aren’t we sharing this with those who don’t know/understand/accept it?

The closest opinion I have found to mine on this subject is here. I really recommend the read.

I love this song, especially these lines: “Cause if you really believe what you say you believe / You wouldn’t be so damn reckless with the words you speak / Wouldn’t silently consent when the liars speak / Denying all the dying of the Remedy”

Because that is what my Jesus is: the Remedy. The Remedy to the hurt, disappointment and injustice on this earth. The Remedy to the anxiety, restlessness and discontent of those of us who live here. And I have the Remedy. And the only way to share it with others is love and relationship. Period. What matters more? Love.

*steps off soap box*



Satan has been in my head lying to me the past few days, and I just want to expose them as lies, and refute them.

  • I am NOT responsible for someone’s not being saved. No matter how crappy the relationship has been, or is, and how much of that is my fault.
  • I CAN stand up to temptation, even when I have failed everytime before. God WILL give me strength anew.
  • My best friends teasing me is NOT evidence of their waning love and devotion to our friendship.
  • God CAN give me purpose in my daily life.
  • I AM worth being loved by a man that loves God, and WILL be one day.
  • I AM allowed to hurt. It’s NOT always selfish.

I know Satan is after me harder because I’m in God’s will, and making a difference for the Kingdom even more than usual lately. So he attacks me where I am most vulnerable: my relationship with my best friends, my lonlieness, and my day-to-day anxiety with purpose.

Praise my God for His steadfast love, and His mercy. I don’t deserve it, and still it is new every morning.

He saved me from death, literally. I will worship Him forever.

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