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last days.

This day is one I have purposely not thought about for the past few months. But this past week has been full of such precious memories, and I wanted to make sure I wrote them down so they aren’t ever forgotten.

At church last weekend we had a special time of sharing and prayer, and then we all ate lunch and took family pictures. I worked half days the next three days and enjoyed the times we had at Barthbrook. I got to go shopping with Joe Joe and Sawyer, carry him around Kohl’s, and pick up Tracy from work. I remember thinking in the back of the car that I was so content. I got to use my organizational skills and help stuff all their belongings into as few checked bags as possible, and had a hilarious night harassing Paul and Tracy on Skype while they were talking to their friends in Nashville. I laughed so hard I cried. And then there was New Year’s Eve. Finally done packing, we all got to relax. Michael, Sawyer and I enjoyed Qdoba and a trip to buy Sawyer socks. It was fun to try all the cute baby hats on him. I really believe God blessed me yesterday. I got to feed Sawyer every meal, and got to snuggle with him a lot. And then our New Year’s Eve party was awesome. A rousing game of Settlers (and of course a little teasing from Joe Joe) and the always hilarious Game of Things. Joe Joe planted my first kiss of the decade on my cheek just after twelve, and as the party wound down, reality set in. As I tried to sleep, it finally dawned on me that they were leaving and my life was about to change. I realized I wouldn’t get to see Sawyer grow up, or watch a toothy grin appear on his face when I walked in the door.

But I am thankful for the time I got to spend with them, and will continue to pray for them as they begin their new life in France. As Paul told me today at the airport as my tears wouldn’t stop, “I’m so glad you got to meet Michael and Joe Joe.” And Tracy said, “When we figured out we’d all be living together, I was nervous, but I love when God has other plans.” I loved those plans indeed.

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