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September 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Respect – it’s a funny thing. When you’re surrounded by people that don’t respect you, it really messes with your self-respect. I didn’t even realize this until today. For the past month or two, I have been in a situation where I have been slowly, increasingly second-guessed and micro-managed. It happened so slowly, I didn’t even realize what it was. But the more I wasn’t respected, the more I second-guessed myself, and the more bitter I became. And this situation leaked into my other relationships. More second-guessing. And the unfortunately, I can’t say anything to the offending party in this situation because, well, it’s disrespectful.

So be aware: if someone disrespects you, and it’s undeserving, don’t let it permeate into your view of yourself, even and especially if it involves your workplace. So many of us spend the bulk of our time with the same people, that it can really affect us. But now I’m rambling. I guess I should get back out there and take some self-respect back for myself.

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September 9, 2010 Leave a comment

This may be the dumbest blog post I’ve ever written.

I’ve recently started watching One Tree Hill (yeah, yeah, I know, I’m 8 years behind, that’s SO high school) and I have absolutely fallen in love with it (insert adequate props to Erin here). I just finished watching season 4, where everyone graduates high school. Then in the beginning of season 5, the show made a bold (and applauded) move and fast forwarded four years. Some had succeeded, some had not, but they all tried.

So what’s the point I’m making? Well, I feel like I’m about to be at the end of season 4 of OTH. And if what I claim about my beliefs in my God are true, than I know that my story is going to be worth telling. But for all the drama and sappy dialogue OTH has, it was true in it’s portrayal of having to try. I’ve got to trust God is going to take care of me. The only thing that’s going to hold me back is myself and my fear.