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in the few weeks I’ve been living here in New Orleans (nola), I have often felt stressed at the lack of urgency of things. this doesn’t surprise you if you know me, as I used to be very OCD about thing being done on time and by the book. in the last few years I’ve become immensely better with this, mostly because of my church, Tatesbrook.

but if there’s one thing the state of Kentucky is OCD about, it’s their basketball. when I started officiating, I quickly realized how precise and ordered things are, and somewhere deep down, I tremendously appreciated it. now that I’m officiating in nola, the chill nature of the culture here permeates into their sport. it’s most definitely not a basketball area, but it’s pretty strange to go from showing up to a game 30 min early (60 for a varsity game) in dress clothes & on the court with 15 min til game time to showing up in uniform 15 min before game time, many times before both teams arrive.

this example is only a part of the relaxed way of life here. now that Carnival season has begun, & I’m learning & taking part in the traditions leading up to Mardi Gras, I’m sure I’ll only get more examples of this. I’ll keep you posted.

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