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February 20, 2010 1 comment

I decided I need to be thankful for the random, small things in life that God has blessed us with. Here are 5 things I am amazingly grateful for.

• Winter Olympics television coverage

Considering I spent a lot of this week sick in bed, and considering I was raised to watch every second of the Olympics anyway (and attended the 1996 games in Atlanta), I am very thankful that most of the coverage is on NBC, one of the 16 channels I receive (including 2 all weather channels, and 3 KET channels, and a high school sports channel). I absolutely LOVE human interest stories. I also love the smaller sport athletes going up against the big foreign foes, and athletes coming back from injuries, like Noelle Pikus-Pace coming back from breaking her leg when a bobsled hit her while she was practicing for skeleton before the last Olympics. Oh, and the snowboard uniforms are my absolute favorite. Go Shaun White & Louie Vito. Go USA!

• Pockets

This is a lot smaller and more random, but so be it. It’s obvious I’m a fan. Here’s why:
– They remove my necessity to conform to most females and carry a purse.
– It ups my ability to be comfortable in almost any situation, allowing me to look chill and composed.
– They help keep my always cold hands so I can actually feel them.

• Hot Water

It’s something most countries don’t have. It’s something we scream about when it runs out. But honestly, I’m so thankful for it, especially days like we’ve had this month when I just can’t seem to get warm. When I’ve got hot water running over my head, I can think more clearly and relax almost all cares away. Imagine how different our lives would be without it.

• Basketball in Kentucky

I don’t mean just University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball, though I’d be absolutely ignorant to not mention that. But I’m also thankful for how serious this state takes its high school basketball, even down to the girls junior varsity level, where I had the honor to spend my first season as an official. Though some people may fault the fervor of our state as an unhealthy obsession, but I have always been a sucker for passion. And that’s what we have. From a young age so many love the sport, and I’m thankful for it, and will surely miss it when I no longer live here.

• Stuffed Crust Pizza topped with Bacon

My favorite. It always sounds good. Period.

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