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When I was a freshman in college, I read Blue Like Jazz. I also heard a sermon on a single chapter of the book, and went through it with a group of people in my dorm. The thoughts Donald Miller puts in this “memoir” really started the maturing of my faith that I underwent while I was in college, and even now.

My sophomore year I read Searching for God Knows What. I am currently making my way through Through Painted Desserts, and after this weekend, I’m pumped for when I’m able to get my hands on A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.

So fast forward to now. I guess now is as good a time as any to announce that I am officially moving to New Orleans next year to undertake a film project with my friend Lori. This has been something we have been in prayer about together for about 9 months and her for much longer than that. So anyway, I was excited to visit this past week for about 5 days and get used to the city a little more, but the trip ended up falling through. I can’t express how disappointed I was.┬áThen I found out Donald Miller was coming to Southland Christian Church to speak the same weekend I was supposed to go. I was pretty excited to see him and the possibility of getting a book signed or something.

And God used Donald Miller’s words to again change my perspectives and affirm things that I am fearful about in my life.

What Donald spoke about this weekend is the concept of our lives as the telling of a story, and how God doesn’t necessarily give us a specific plan to follow to glorify Him, but says, “here are gifts and passions and dreams for you,” and guides you. And in this story, conflict is the essential and most important factor. And of course, what comes hand in hand with conflict is…. fear.

I have been really afraid of this project. Excited, but so afraid. What if I go down there and can’t support myself? How will my parents react to my leaving the great life I have made for myself here in Lexington? What if we never finish the film? What if it never goes anywhere but on my DVD rack next to my college comedy shorts that no one ever watches? Then I’ve left an absolutely wonderful job here in Lexington with a great living situation, etc, etc.

But my story is about telling stories. That is what God has given me a passion and a talent to do. And God used Donald Miller this weekend to affirm it. It doesn’t matter what conflict I run into now and when I go, because this is all part of my story. A story that I feel is worth living, and living well, because that’s what God calls all His children to do here on earth until the “Act III Climax” also known as the Wedding Feast of Heaven. I can’t wait to be a bride, but especially the bride of Christ.

So thanks Don yet again using your words, this time in person, to inspire my faith.


Identity but no Purpose?

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

I was listening to an interview with Donald Miller the other day, and he said something to the effect of this, “I believe that our self-identity comes from a source outside of us. God tells us who we are.” At first, I was like, wait what? But the more I got to thinking about it, the more I found truth in it, especially when it comes to us finding our identity in things that are not Christ, as I have a horrible history of doing.

This morning while I was praying, I was talking to God about this, and even when I find my identity in Him, what is it? That I’m a child of God? Okay. And maybe this next bit is going to prove my immaturity in this matter, but then what? I know I am a child of God, I am His, but that fact doesn’t give me any purpose in my life. That’s what I’m missing. I’ve been finding purpose through friendships, and yet again, God is taking them away from me painfully in order to show me that’s wrong. I know I can’t find purpose in what I do, I mean, I’m not exactly making a difference in the world with what I do at work. So that leaves me where…. ?

Worrying. If I’m being honest. Which is a sin. Yeah, worrying is a sin. Especially when the things I’m worrying about, like the growing apart of friendships, are out of my control. I know God is Sovereign, and I need to act more like it. How, I do not know. What I do know is that in Romans 12:12 it says to “rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.” If I’m being honest again, I suck at the first two.

So I’m going to keep thinking about what Donald Miller said, and I’m going to keep praying. But I’m especially going to keep rejoicing and being patient. And maybe somewhere, someday, I’ll wake up in this post-college life I’m leading and have purpose.

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