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God has not given us a spirit of fear.

“you’re a quitter,” “you’re giving up ’cause you’re not strong enough,” “this is wrong, too,” “it won’t matter; you’ll never be happy,” “because of how God made you, you’ll always be hurt,” “things like love and friendship don’t last a lifetime, not for you,” “they will all leave; you’re going to be alone,” “God can, and will, take things you love away from you so you’ll learn a lesson.”

these are lies the enemy has been feeding me. and yes, I know they are lies, but needless to say, it’s not easy. it’s amazing what fear does to someone. and though I know fear never comes from God, and that He has equipped me to deal with it, I don’t always succeed. fear ruins things.

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Satan has been in my head lying to me the past few days, and I just want to expose them as lies, and refute them.

  • I am NOT responsible for someone’s not being saved. No matter how crappy the relationship has been, or is, and how much of that is my fault.
  • I CAN stand up to temptation, even when I have failed everytime before. God WILL give me strength anew.
  • My best friends teasing me is NOT evidence of their waning love and devotion to our friendship.
  • God CAN give me purpose in my daily life.
  • I AM worth being loved by a man that loves God, and WILL be one day.
  • I AM allowed to hurt. It’s NOT always selfish.

I know Satan is after me harder because I’m in God’s will, and making a difference for the Kingdom even more than usual lately. So he attacks me where I am most vulnerable: my relationship with my best friends, my lonlieness, and my day-to-day anxiety with purpose.

Praise my God for His steadfast love, and His mercy. I don’t deserve it, and still it is new every morning.

He saved me from death, literally. I will worship Him forever.

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