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paris: day 5.

My second day on my own was ironically the one I spent the most time lost. My first stop was going to be the Opera, but I got distracted by the famous Galeries Lafayette department store. And once I found my way out again, I was in a more expensive part of town and felt very out of place. Eventually, after wandering too far and getting turning around, I found the Opera. Unfortunately they were preparing for an opera (I think) and everything but the front facade was covered and the front had tons of delivery trucks so it was monumentally disappointing.

Next up was to find the Holocaust Memorial. This proved quite difficult as the metro stop I got off confused me and it took me about an hour to find it, and even when I did, it’s quite small and unassuming that I literally just stumbled upon it. The security was the tightest I’ve seen, even more than the Louvre. But I spent a good amount of time there enjoying the exhibition in the basement (and feeling when the metro trains went by) although most of it was in French.

The plan was to meet the Harringtons for dinner at the Notre Dame metro stop, but I got there about 3 hours early. Thankfully I found Shakespeare and Company, which was the first English bookstore in Paris. It is an awesome place of wall to wall, floor to ceiling books. Upstairs there are a few seats for reading and I parked myself there until it was time for dinner.

We ate at a Fondue restaurant, not far from Notre Dame. It was definitely a very French experience, and was great fun. I thought the night would end there, but Michael took me to the next suburb over to a jazz jam session! It was awesome. Michael played drums on a couple songs and I even got to see a jazz harmonica player and jazz flautist! Good day indeed.

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open mic.

My great friend Evan and I have enjoyed jamming with each other for a long time now, and it was only a couple weeks ago we finally took it outside our rooms.

Common Grounds coffee house has open mic nights on Mondays. Our first evening included three songs, one being:

We then got ourselves a booking! Common Grounds has scheduled us for September 4th from 9-10pm. Take a gander at a few of the clips below and tell me you don’t want to come see us. 🙂 ENJOY!

What Matters More?

October 20, 2009 1 comment

I follow Derek Webb, the former lead of Caedmon’s Call, on Twitter, and when he offered a free download of his “uncensored” single, I readily took it. The first time I listened to it, I didn’t catch many of the lyrics except for the “hell”, “shit” and “damn.” But I sure as heck loved the techno, synthesized beat. So I took a second listen and began learning the words.

Here’s the video:

Since then, I’ve come across a lot of people on blogs, especially Christian music ones, that have berated Webb for this song being “pro-homosexuality” and of course for his use of profanity. Personally, profanity for shock value is sometimes the best way to get a message across. But what struck me the most was how much of this actually matters? It makes me angry that people who don’t know Jesus may stumble across these blogs/opinions and chalk it up once again to those “close-minded fundamentalist Christians.” This large scale berating of other followers of Christ just irks me.

Because what did Jesus preach? LOVE.

And when it comes down to it? What is Webb’s single trying to emphasize? That we LOVE the hurting around us. Yes, homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle. But so is lying and manipulation. So is selfishness and self-centeredness. We ALL fall short of the glory of God. Those of us who have Christ dwelling inside us have the answer to this shortcoming. Why aren’t we sharing this with those who don’t know/understand/accept it?

The closest opinion I have found to mine on this subject is here. I really recommend the read.

I love this song, especially these lines: “Cause if you really believe what you say you believe / You wouldn’t be so damn reckless with the words you speak / Wouldn’t silently consent when the liars speak / Denying all the dying of the Remedy”

Because that is what my Jesus is: the Remedy. The Remedy to the hurt, disappointment and injustice on this earth. The Remedy to the anxiety, restlessness and discontent of those of us who live here. And I have the Remedy. And the only way to share it with others is love and relationship. Period. What matters more? Love.

*steps off soap box*

“Freedom” by Run Kid Run

This song has been around for a bit now, but it’s been sticking in my head a lot lately (could be that Air1 is always on at work), and I’ve realized how true it is to my life right now. I’m claiming it at my life theme song for the time being. Here’s some lyrics:

All my chains, I can’t disengage2284821590_ab1a517125
and I don’t believe that I want to
One hand sings Your praise
The other brings me shame
I have selfishness to blame

And I’m singing for freedom
I know I’m not the only one
praying to the One
who can bring me this freedom
I’m ready for a change

Broke down I lay holding my chains
no longer bound but here I stay
I scream Father please, I need rescuing
I need You, and You alone

The truth is, I’m slacking. I seem to have misplaced my Bible since I’ve been back, and now it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been in the Word. And ironically enough, this is the time I should be in the Word most, because the only way to discern God’s will for my life is to know Him better and the best way to do that is to read His love letters to me! And yet I still sit here instead of grabbing my old Bible off the shelf. Well, I believe that’s my cue… peace.

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A symphony.

October 16, 2008 1 comment

I’m taking History of Classic and Romantic Music, and it’s the hardest class I’ve taken in my college career. This has caused me to actually attend class and pay attention for once. The consequence of this is that I’ve learned a lot about symphonies. Hang with me here; I have a point.

A symphony has 4 movements. The first lays out the theme and is usually fast and in a major key, giving an upbeat feel. The second movement is in a minor key, sounds melancholy. It can have varying tempos, sometimes quick and other times slow. The thirds is a Minuet and Trio, which is a type of dance usually light-hearted. The fourth movement is the finale, big and bright, much like the first movement. I say all that to say this:

My life is like a symphony, more specifically Beethoven’s Third.

And I’m smack in the middle of the second movement. Beethoven’s Third Symphony’s Second movement is a funeral march. My first movement ended at the end of high school, with graduation serving as the boisterous coda. Those years growing up laid out the theme of my life, developed me, and set the tone. And it did it well.

College brought about a key change. These past 3 and a half years I’ve modulated into a major key for some time, and surely have changed tempos, speeding through in a strum und drang style and other times lyrical and slow. I thought camp this summer was the definitive end of the second movement, and I was ready to dance. But my Composer fooled me with a false cadence. I’m still drudging through the funeral march.

One day, though, I will be dancing. Hopefully this dance will intertwine with another’s symphony, and together we will conclude our symphonies big and bright.

One day.

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Here’s a sneak peak into the new song I’m writing.

Do you remember me
before my scars?
Before the cobwebs on my so
were so thick?
It was long ago
before it all
But still you call.

Take the dark.
Take it tonight.
Find my unknown.
Make it right.
Restore in me
Your worth only.
Because here I am
and I’m so lonely.

Did you love me
without the mask?
Before I tried to fit
into the rigid molds
Before power came
to cover my pain
What is it to be sane?

Be my home.
Be it tonight.
Find me the cure.
No longer quiet

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